What is PrEP? Learn About PrEP and Amplify Your Voice!

What is PrEP?

PrEP stands for preexposure prophylaxis. It is a way that we can use a medication to prevent certain infections or diseases. In this case, HIV PrEP means taking a medication that fights HIV before you have an exposure to HIV to prevent getting HIV. PrEP is very highly effective at preventing HIV if it is taken correctly.

PrEP is basically just another word for prevention, but many people also use the word to mean the medication that they take to use to prevent HIV. Right now, there are three medications approved to prevent HIV: two pills and one shot. All forms of PrEP are considered very effective and very safe. PrEP was first approved in 2012, but there are still not enough people who know about or take PrEP. To end the HIV epidemic, we must do better about increasing PrEP awareness and use. To learn more about where to get PrEP, visit our [Resources] page to learn about our 1917 PrEP Clinic or other PrEP clinics near you.

Who can take PrEP?

Anyone can take PrEP! PrEP is for anyone who feels that they should lower their chances for getting HIV. It is for persons of any gender or sexual orientation. If you’re sexually active with multiple partners or if you don’t know the HIV status of your partner, then PrEP may be especially important to consider. If you use injection drugs, then PrEP may also be for you as well.

Where can I find PrEP?

PrEP can be prescribed by any licensed medical provider, such a doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. Your primary care provider may be able to provide you with PrEP, or you may be able to find a local, inclusive, and affirming PrEP provider that specializes in HIV PrEP and sexual health. Visit our resources page to learn more about our 1917 PrEP Clinic as well as other PrEP resources available in our area.

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